Thursday, April 10, 2014

This vulnerability is quite well known and was earlier commonly used to hang remote systems (or even force them to
reboot) so that no users can use its services. This exploit no longer works, as almost all system administrators would
have upgraded their systems making them safe from such attacks.
In this attack, the target system is pinged with a data packet that exceeds the maximum bytes allowed by TCP/IP,
which is 65 536. This would have almost always caused the remote system to hang, reboot or crash. This DOS attack
could be carried out even through the command line, in the following manner:
The following Ping command creates a giant datagram of the size 65540 for Ping. It might hang the victim's

C:\windows>ping -l 65540

To target a particular IP address just write

C:\windows>ping <IP ADDRESS> -l 65540


C:\windows>ping -l 65540